IN Focus: Children of Kenya

The Children of Kimuka Primary School, Masailand, Kenya
Photos by Graham Michael Freeman.

All Rights Reserved.

9 Responses to “IN Focus: Children of Kenya”

  1. Nancy Fuentes says:

    I’m in love with their faces! Beautiful pictures!!

  2. afsaneh tanara says:

    Beautiful pictures,Graham. I love it!!

  3. Marybeth says:

    Beautiful, beautiful children !

  4. Ingrid Freeman says:

    You have captured the essence of these children so beautifully Graham. You can see it just by looking into their eyes.

  5. michele p morris says:

    your journals are so touching. thank you so much for sharing with us. love, michele

  6. Allan says:

    wonderful site i will recommend this site to all my clients….

    Milambo Allan

    “i am only one, but i am still one. i cannot do everything but still i can do something. and because i cannot do everything, i will not refuse to do something that i can do.” -helen keller

  7. I couldnt have said it any better to be honest! keep up the awesome work. You are very talented & I only wish I could write as good as you do :)

  8. Those are 100% African people. Graet…

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